2001 Architecture Course 
     Los Angeles Harbor Community College – Osamu A. Wakita, The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings & The Professional Practice of Architectural Detailing.

2006 Bachelor of Architecture 
     Woodbury University School of Architecture, Burbank California

2011 Landscape Futures Super-Workshop 
     Organized by Geoff Manaugh ( with Laura Allen of Smout Allen & The Bartlett School of Architecture, David Benjamin of The Living, David Gissen, Matthew Coolidge & Sarah Simons (Center for Land Use Interpretation), Christopher Hawthorne, Elizabeth Ellsworth & Jamie Kruse, Ed Keller, Liam Young, Alex Robinson, Emily White & Lisa Little, Nicola Twilley, Christian Chaudhari, Tim Maly, and the Arid Lands Institute.  The workshop consisted of a week of intensive workshops, discussions, site visits, design challenges, hikes, symposia, dinners, presentations, and critiques.

This section consists of employment and entrepreneurial business ventures I have cofounded/founded, partnerships, and sole-proprietorship.

Cofounder/Owner.  Drafting, design, graphic design.

2002 - 3 Week Volunteer
Kingdom Support Services, Brooklyn + Walkill New York.
Volunteer Construction – Concrete pours, installation of electrical systems, and demolition. 

Partner. Exhibit Design & Rendering services.  Clients included: WestField Inc., Atlantic Inc., Walt Disney, Abex Display Systems, Olea Kiosks, Design Ranch Studios, Vertex productions, Method Home Products, Its Alive Co., The Cunningham group, and Aref & Associates.

2003 – 3 Month Volunteer 
Kingdom Support Services, Brooklyn + Walkill New York.
Volunteer Construction and Construction Consultation.  Concrete form work, pours of slabs, footings, and tilt up walls.

2004- 2010 
Partner/Owner. Drafting, design, rendering, and construction.

3 Months 2006
Heal the Bay
(Outside Services) Consultant, Design, workshops & proposal of parks.

Founder/Owner Friendly Office  twitter @friendlyoffice.
Strategic Marketing Consultation & Writing. 

1.75 Year Volunteer Regional Engineering Office – Texcoco, Mexico NON-PROFIT Organization Designer/Plan-Check/Drafting/Renderings/Sustainable Design of large scale assembly halls, offices, manufacturing, and residences throughout Mexico, Latin America & The Caribbean. 

June 2012 – June 2014
Sparks Exhibits @
Exhibit Designer, Retail Designer

June 2014 - February 2016
SET creative @

March 2016 - Present - Freelancer

Latino Urban Forum & South Central Farmers
Design of Graphics & Website concepts for both organizations.

1663 East 60th street
Renovation of a single family residence with peculiar siting conditions in South Central Los Angeles.

Branch Facility of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Dominican Republic Planning design for expansion of warehouse, temporary emergency care center, work-shop, and parking facilities.

Assembly Hall, Chichigalpa, Nicaragua
Design & Passive cooling + lighting design for assembly hall.

2008 - 2009
Branch Facility of Jehovah’s Witnesses, El Salvador
Design consultation & presentations for renovation and expansion of translation & shipping facility.

2008 - 2009
Regional Engineering Office – Texcoco Mexico + Kingdom Support Services
In response to recent natural disasters, design consultation of shipping container based emergency response and temporary living quarters for victims of such events.

2009 - 2016 
Arid Lands Institute – Communications & Strategy
Communications | management and director of social media accounts. Connecting A.L.I to influential writers in the design, architecture, urban design, and other creative & sciences. Production of exhibit at A+D Museum in Los Angeles CA. 
Drylands Design Conference Communications for Drylands Design conference live blogging of event across Twitter and Facebook (

Mestizo Bakery
In association with Gayton Design Studios – design of a bakery/cafe in Silver Lake Los Angeles. 
Drylands Design | Conference + Exhibit
Communications & production of Conference and Exhibit installation.

Freelance journalism. Gizmodo.
How a 1940s Gangster Film Foresaw the Surveillance Tech of Today. 1/28/2014. 
Design, SET creative
Google Glass Retail

Design, SET creative
Oakley Brand Reboot, Retail Design

Design, SET creative
The North Face, Flagship Store NYC

Design, Denton-Cardew Design
Adidas, Flagship Store NYC

Design, Denton-Cardew Design
Luma, Branding & Retail Fixtures

Design, BMF Media
MasterCard x Grammys - Thank The Fans

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