NHL 100th x Pittsburg Penguins 50th x Stanley Cup 125th

2017 marks the National Hockey League’s 100th anniversary, and the Pittsburgh Penguins 50th anniversary. The NHL came to BMF Media to create a one-of-a-kind interactive event to celebrate the moment. The event was hoseted at the PPG Paints Arena. Patrons of the ever-expanding NHL fan base lined up outside of the non-descript boxes. They warmed up in a waiting room to be prepped for the experience, and then were hustled to the Virtual Reality room. When the virtual experience was completed, they would raise their VR goggles only to question reality once more- the Stanley Cup, sports most coveted trophy and one that is older than the NHL itself, appeared just inches in front of them. The fans’ stunned and often tearful reactions were genuine, and they were treated to a photo opportunity during their time with the cup. I worked along with BMF Media and Boxman studio to create concepts and renders for this monumental sports event.

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